Be My Valentine – Love and Lust in Schade of Night



shutterstock_126518924 (Crop)I know—I am a day or two late—but I am still filled with the spirit of Valentines Day.

Dark Fantasy fiction has definitely taken a pretty recent turn into the world of love and romance. I’d say many, if not most, of the Paranormal and Urban Fantasies that have hit the market recently could easitly be called “Romance” and would fit nicely into that genre.  But, that distinction would not apply to Shade of Night. 

That is not to say that there is no romance within the pages of this dark story.  In fact, Schade Lee is no stranger to love. But, love to Schade is tainted with regret, death and unattainability—a distant memory, a wish for what might have been. Now, with her new birthright it seems strangely unattainable, filled with the threat of consumption.

Schade Lee struggles with her feelings for an old flame – a flame that she extinguished when she was jettisoned from the FBI for actions on a certain serial murder case.  That relationship comes back to haunt her as the story progresses.

But, what is worse, is the curse bestowed upon her by a rather dark bloodline rises to corrupt her ability to have healthy relationships, and drives a Lust—and dare I say need—for damaged ones. This corruption, and her unusually bad luck with men, find her falling for and in direct—and deadly—conflict with two powerful men that that are sworn to kill or capture her. 

All of this transpires while she struggles to understand who she is and what dark powers have taken root within her. 

Hope you find time to see how Schade Lee becomes the epitome of the Dark Valentine.


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