Schade of Night — My inspiration for this paranormal thriller

My inspiration for writing Schade of Night is not as cliché as seeing an article in the morning paper, or hearing some story on the radio. It is much more basic than that – much less interesting. But, inspiration all the same.

My wife and I share a Kindle account, so I get to see a lot of what she reads.  And a lot of what she reads is Paranormal Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  Every once In a while, I open up one of her books and delve into the pages—being careful to avoid the pure romance stuff—for obvious reasons—not so much into that sort of thing unless it involves horror, murder and mayhem as a predicate.

Anyway, what I found there was interesting—at least to me.

I love the Gothic, as many of you may know.  And I found within the pages of some of those books, just a hint of that which I love. Now, I am not talking the real heavy Gothic stuff (my favorite, of course) like Dracula, or Varney or Frankenstein or the Castle of Otranto.  But there was definitely something there, something dark and mysterious that could be—just maybe—expanded, darkened and built upon, something that fans of true dark fantasy might like, while maintaining just a little of the contemporary feel to it.

I also love detective shows (80’s stuff mostly), which I don’t advertise much. Shows like Simon & Simon, Mike Hammer and Magnum P.I. (you get it) defined much of my youth tele-viewing. I enjoy the stories of the under estimated detective hunting the brutal killer or drug dealer. That was cool to me. How could these guys, outside-the-establishment, under-gunned, under-resourced and dysfunctional investigators, go up against the kingpin and come out on top when the coppers couldn’t get it done?

So, that’s it. Simple as that. I love Gothic horror. I love detective shows. Throw them together and you have the inspiration for my book, Schade of Night. JPWilderPhotoEditJan2015

Oh yeah—one more thing. My wife is Krav Maga martial artist, a strong woman that knows how to kick ass.  The genre needs more women like her—not just icky romance stuff, but women that know how to hunt and kill demons without the need for some over-wrought would-be white-knight.  Schade is my attempt to bring that woman into this new, dark world.



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