Psychological Thriller Review: The Perfect View by Carolyn Young

perfect viewFor those of you that follow my blog and my reviews, you know that I don’t do many reviews in the psychological thriller space.  I chose to do this review, because I liked very much the synopsis that was provided to me and I felt that it possessed many of the attributes of paranormal thrillers. It also contained Gothic elements, which many of you know are a favorite of mine.

The writer has a talent for putting the reader in the mind of the POV character, such that you find yourself deeply engrossed in their lives. That is not to say that you necessarily like the characters, but you definitely find yourself involved. The author also helps you see the irrational, and disturbing point of view of some pretty dark characters, allowing you to get deeper into the story and suspend your disbelief even when things seemed to lack logical basis. After all, what psychopath follows a typical person’s thought process.

Descriptions are strong and support the overall tenor of the story, making the mood almost palpable. You feel almost as helpless as the characters because the mood is so overwhelmingly present in every scene.

The story is emotional and keeps you on the edge mostly throughout. The climax builds well and keeps you engrossed and wondering how it is all going to work out.  I found myself wishing I would escape the ominous plot line. But, in the end, I could not let myself put it down.

If you like horror or psychological thrillers, I think you will very much enjoy this story.

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