Poem — Oh Night

By JP Wilder

Oh night…
Oh darkness…
In your lovely shroud
Under the sadistic gaze
Of glittering stars and lupine eye, the
Darkest dreams
Find shelter in your apathy.

Oh night…
In your darkness, the black-clad
Reaper freely sends
Felons to hunt unwary prey, while
Murderers ply their ugly trade, and assassins
Scale home’s shielding walls to
Touch slumbering victims with his scythe.

Oh night…
In your darkness, the demon
Lilith’s sensual siren’s call drives
Innocence to bended knee, while
Fresh girls nurse on depravity’s cruel needs
In the music of her secret veil, so
Palpable in flashing strobes and throbbing beats.

Oh night…
In your darkness, the insubstantial
Specter of anonymity draws
Beauty to temptation’s lair and Adam
To immoral poverties
And casts them down the sinful Pit
There, hidden in your awful shroud.

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