Paranormal Book Review: Schism by Brett Dent

What can I say about Schism other than you should read this book?  I have only recently delved into the depths of Paranormal fiction, having chosen Schismmostly to remain in some more traditional, if similarly dark realms of Dark and Grim fantasy.

I have found that there is little difference.  This book, though perhaps just as akin to horror as sci fi or fantasy, is a dreadfully cool story that has all the makings that a reader of dark fantasy would love.  That is: dark, unexplainable events, normal (or seemingly normal) people pitched against forces of dark—all that and an end that, once you get there may seem inevitable, but throughout the story would have seemed an impossibility.

This book is excellent.

Being a lover of the Gothic, I like anything set against a backdrop such as the one used in this book. The book has several Gothic elements that make the book, not only a contemporary paranormal fiction, but a throwback tribute to much of the darkness that came before. Brett draws on the elements of horror, to create a thriller that immerses the reader in the setting from the beginning and never lets him/her out.

Did I say that I enjoyed the characters? If not…I enjoyed the characters. They are deep and well written and will be both familiar and surprisingly different than anything you have read before. Characters make the story readable, make you care about the outcome. This book will definitely have you worrying and rooting and groaning with dismay about what faces these characters, and what tribulations over take them.

Although the doctors and the experimenting and the hospital may all be oft-used prop-pieces, the author has the ability to create such a strong attachment to the story that you forget about all that came before. He makes it new and fresh (or rotten and depraved, if that paints a better picture). The turns and surprises and threats that rise to meet you as you read make you gasp and groan, and even hide your eyes on occasion–though that will do you no amount of good.

I recommend that you get the book, open it up, and prepare for the ride. This book is all kinds of dark fun!

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