Gothic Quotations: Jonathon Harker’s Journal #5: Sherlock Holmes on the Moor

For those that think that the Gothic is limited to writings of horror, take a look at this quote from the famous Sherlock Holmes thriller, The Hound of The Baskervilles.  Description, setting and mood don’t get much more Gothic than this wonderful piece of writing:

“…A dull and foggy day with a drizzle of rain. The house is banked in with rolling clouds, which rise now and then to show the dreary curves of the moor, with thin, silver veins upon the sides of the hills, and the distant boulders gleaming where the light strikes upon their wet faces. It is melancholy outside and in. The baronet is in a black reaction after the excitements of the night. I am conscious myself of a weight at my heart and a feeling of impending danger–ever present danger, which is the more terrible because I am unable to define it.”

—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…

But then again, maybe it isn’t that Sherlock Holmes is just a famous Who Dunnit.  Maybe, just maybe there is a bit of horror there too.

So…please don’t go on the moor tonight without your service revolver by your side.




And if you do…well, I’ll keep the lantern lit.

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