Book Review: Snow Globe by Aaron Gudmunson

Snow Globe Book Cover Snow Globe
Aaron Gudmunson
Psychological Thriller, Horror
Angelic Knight Press
February 1, 2015
Kindle, Paperback

I generally don’t review horror stories, sticking more to dark fantasy and even urban or paranormal fantasy. But this story appealed to me from reading the back cover copy. So, after becoming intrigued, I decided I would pick it up, load it on my kindle and take a read. I am glad I did.

So…here goes: the cover is cool. In this case, you might just be able to judge a book by its cover. But, after reading this, you may just find yourself second-guessing your decision to stop by your favorite tavern, or to head out into a blizzard.

This story is character driven, and fun. The main character, Ben, is everyman. But, he isn’t. He is filled with personality, a guy that you would like to be friends with. In fact, his nightmare starts when he decides to stop by and see a friend on his way home. Now, not sure if it was a cover for hammering back some cold beers or not, but he is definitely a committed friend, and husband—he may be a lush, but he is committed. Maybe it’s a personality trait. Whatever the case, you will like him, and you will definitely root for him.  The author is very good at building rapport between the main character and the reader.

The story is dark, and you will find yourself deep within it, hiding from what hides in the dark. It is overbearing and scary and filled with the unknown. The author leads you on an uncertain path, you will be jerked this way and that, wondering where the next surprise and twist comes from. It isn’t full of cheap and bloody jump scares, but moreso good story and conflict building.

Don’t read this at night. It is dark, and nerve-wracking and filled with all the good things we readers of dark fiction like. Please pick up the book and take a read.



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