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Dark Fantasy Fiction Should Provide Inspiration not Excuses to a Real World that is Pretty Dark.


The world needs heroes.  Lots of them. We humans are a duplicitous lot.  We tear people down when they do not agree with us while we simultaneously make excuses for the failures, excesses and depravity committed by others through arguments of relativism…

Creative Process #4 – Character Development and Sketching

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The act of character creation is different for every artist/author by definition. I abhore authors or editors (hell, anyone) that try to dictate the way in which someone is creative. Instead, I believe that everyone has to develop their own creative process. Often times those methods are a patchwork of activities and actions similar (or even identical) to what another author’s and probably more often, they are a developed through an author’s own experiences and efforts. Everyone does things differently, and my method for thumb nailing characters is probably far different from most others.