Crusader Religions

Book Release — Blue Eyes at Night: Book 2 of The Crusader Series

Blue Eyes at Night

I am pleased to announce the release of the next JP Wilder novella in The Crusader Series: Blue Eyes at Night.

In this dark story, Aaron returns to the Holy Land haunted by the ghosts and memories of his first foray into war and tries to find redemption from the acts he committed there.

Lore of the Crusader Series: Chivalric and other Military Orders


In the Land of Korannah, several Chivalric Orders developed as a direct response to threats in the Holy Land from the Gols and their allies. Because the Holy Land is so highly dependent on Crusading armies and the often times politically motivated feudal leaders of the Northern Kingdoms for their defense, they are usually hard pressed to field an army in sufficient strength to defeat their enemies, much less keep the peace in the land.