Book Review

Book Review: The Sacred Band by Janet Morris

The sacred band

(Five Stars) The author(s) of The Sacred Band create a vibrant, real world that sweeps you into its grasp and drags you along, kicking and screaming into a dark world where the only wrong action is inaction—and that just gets you killed (or worse)—and dishonor is measured by the severing of bonds formed between warriors, destined to die.

Book Review: The Antpod Faction by Alex James

The Antpod Faction is a highly detailed spy thriller disguised as science fiction—or, if you prefer, a spy thriller set in a highly-detailed science fiction setting. Either way it had significant components of both spy thrillers and traditional science fiction. I am not usually a sci-fi reader, preferring usually to stick with fantasy, or contemporary thrillers. But, I had read this author before and enjoyed his work. So, I wanted to try another of his books. I am not disappointed that I did.