Another Great Review for the Crusader

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By Jack T.

TheCrusaderAs a forty page novella, this is a thrilling ride into a world of swords and sorcery. I have heard talk that this will be expanded into a novel, or even a series, and I’ll be right there to read it if it is. What we have within these forty pages is two fights and a chase tied together with some deductive reasoning. I’ll not spoil anything in this review. Mr. Wilder handles his subject brilliantly, and it would be a treat to see him extend this into a much longer narrative. He can draw your adrenaline with his descriptions of battle, and play on your emotions in a touching scene between ruthless enemies, one with a mortal wound. A thrilling read that can be savored in a single sitting, this is a confection you should allow yourself at the earliest opportunity.

Pick up the Novella here … and be prepared when Book 2, Blue Eyes at Night comes out soon!

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