Book Review: Echo of the High Kings by Kal Spriggs

Echoes of the High King

I am a lover of stories that are steeped in mystical, magical worlds, threatened by dark forces returning from some dark abyss to which they’d been banished—worlds where good strives against evil. I am also a lover of much of…

The Market Will Decide on Independent and Self Publishing – You Won’t Have a Choice.


There has been much debate in the marketplace about self-publishing and small presses and the impact of digital publishing on the marketplace for books. A lot of that conversation has revolved around the ease at which anyone can publish a…

Women as Heroes in Fantastic Stories


There are few tropes in literature that are more enduring than the damsel in distress.  This story line goes back a thousand years and more. Although it has evolved in its permutations and details, it has been a fundamental element…

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