A great interview with Walter Rhein on authorsinterviews


Take a look at this awesome interview with Walter Rhein, Author of “The Reader Of Acheron” Here is my interview with Walter Rhein | authorsinterviews. I previously reviewed this book here. Get his book here.

Historical Fiction Book Review: I, the Sun by Janet Morris

i the sun

In this age of formula fiction and uber-mass market storytelling, historical fiction has become the instrument of the romance market. A hundred romances set in medieval Scotland or Renaissance Italy, or Victorian England. It is the mainstay of a class…

Death and Horror in Black Butte — Paranormal Fantasy by J.P. Wilder

Schade of Night Cover

Coming Soon….Schade of Night — Paranormal Fantasy by J.P. Wilder In this dark paranormal tale, a private investigator on a mission to save a runway faces a surprising destiny that leads her into a dangerous world where she can trust no…

Book Review: The Reader of Acheron by Walter Rhien


Dystopia without the baggage—that is what I call this excellent book—Or how about just excellent fantasy. There is so much Dystopian fiction out there these days that one can hardly swing a disembodied zombie arm without hitting another book about…