Janet and Chris Morris speak about Heroic Fiction at the Library of Congress

Take a look at this video of Legendary Dark Fantasy Authors Janet and Chris Morris speaking about the Heroic Tradition and its importance to culture and American (all?) social constructs. Interesting topics as we face the rise of the anti-hero and morally ambiguous protagonists in today’s fiction and film. I love heroic fiction, love the message behind heroic fiction and love these authors.

Take look…

You can find their author page here.

In the Mean time, I’ll keep the lantern lit…



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Book Review: Mad Shadows: The Weird Tales of Dorgo The Dowser by Joe Bonadonna


What can I say about Dorgo? He is the Mike Hammer of the Fantasy World?

I love this guy.

I was going to spout something poetic about this book, but I decided that wouldn’t match up with the hard boiled noir style of this fantastic read.

So here goes nothing….

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5 Star Review for Blue Eyes at Night by J.P. Wilder

Blue Eyes at Night receives a 5-Star Review on Amazon.

Dark, grim, and compelling tale of a Crusader fighting enemies alive and dead, a blue-eyed woman’s specter — and himself.

By Lokhos
BlueEyesAtNightThis review is from: Blue Eyes at Night (The Crusader Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Blue Eyes at Night is Book 2 in the Crusader series, a startling title for such a dark, gritty historical fantasy series. Too clever? Or clever like a fox? If you’ve read The Crusader, you know to whom those blue eyes belong. J.P. Wilder is a smart, sophisticated writer who seasons his period tales with all the human failings and feelings necessary to raise this story far above the usual fare. But sweet romance readers be warned: Aaron, our hero, is young, brave and strong, yes — and a handful, conflicted and as volatile as they come: guilt from his last Crusade has become his only constant companion. Aaron is larger than life, but a twisted life, lubricated by drink and pursued by a woman in his dreams.
He recalls his adventures from the first book in this series in succinct, agonizing bits and pieces. Here’s one:

‘ “Send me home,” she’d begged as I sliced her open.” ‘

These words belong to the woman with the blue eyes of the title, and they chase Aaron all the way back to the Holy Land. Plagued by his ghosts and memories of war, he seeks redemption and finds a suicide mission. Not the first man of war to reach this point, or the last. But Aaron faces more betrayal, more murder and new enemies. All the while, the blue-eyed specter of the Vestal whispers in his ears nightly: “Send me home.”

I loved Blue Eyes at Night, and can’t wait for more stories of Aaron fighting enemies in body and mind. Complex yet simple, this story will haunt you too. Start here or start with The Crusader, once you’ve read one, you’ll want to read the other.

A note on presentation: this book is extremely well presented in its Kindle edition, much more elegant than its predecessor was when I read it. It’s nice to find a Kindle original that so respects the reader.

Get the book Here.

I’ll keep the lantern lit.


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The Crusader Series: Teaser Trailer

Hi all –

Take a look at my first teaser trailer. Did this on my own.  Still working on refining it. Would love anyone’s thoughts on this.



I’ll keep the lantern lit,


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Book Review: Whispers of the Goddess by David J. West.

whispersThis novella is a tight-rope walking, chandelier swinging, sword slashing good time filled with action and daring-do reminiscent of an Errol Flynn movie. What I say most about this book is that it is fun, fun, fun and very easy to read. Two thirds parts sword & sorcery in the vein of Fritz Lieber and one-thirds parts historical fiction, the book is a unique and pretty cool crossover between the two genres.

When I initially picked up the story, I had been reading Chronicles of the Crusades by Jean de Joinville and Geoffrey de Villehardouin (edited by Margaret R.B. Shaw) again—true chronicles of the crusades by soldiers and historians that were there—when I found myself in the same setting with West’s characters—Constantinople in the 4th Crusade—accompanied by two rowdy crusaders. So, it was timely for me and I was able to jump right into the setting with all that back ground from Lord Joinville.

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